About nothing

Today I want to talk about nothing.

Because sometimes, nothing holds everything.

It’s loaded.

Just ask someone who answers “nothing” when asked what’s wrong.

Sometimes there’s no-thing to say,

No-thing to do

But that doesn’t mean nothing is going on.

Nothing has everything to say, but instead hides

Nothing is as big as everything

Just as vast

Occupying every single empty space

Nothing is heavy

Just look into the eye of those of which nothing has happened

Those who feel stuck waiting for an answer that hasn’t arrive yet.

Nothing is oppressive.

How funny is that an absence can be felt so heavily.

There’s also the minimizing nothing, blurted if we don’t want to face our mistakes or disappointments.

“Oh it was nothing!” Some may say it when you talk about the worst day of your life, or you might say it when people compliment you after you’ve succeeded at something difficult.

Nothing is safe. Nothing saves you from being vulnerable. Nothing ends a conversation, but nothing is never no-thing.



just a casual writer dreaming of closure in life

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