It was not “All good”

Ahmad Ayyash
1 min readMay 5, 2023

I spent too much time hiding my true feelings,
Pretending everything was alright and concealing.
My anger, frustration, and hurt deep inside,
Afraid that speaking up would cause my ties to be untied.

But today, I’ve had enough of pretending and lies,
Of suppressing my emotions and living in disguise.
I want to speak my truth and let my feelings out,
No more pleasing others and living with doubt.

I should have said that I was angry and upset,
When that lady cut the line and made me late.
I should have said that sacrificing my sleep,
For listening to your problems was making me weep.

I wish I had expressed how uncomfortable it was,
Waiting for hours without any reasonable cause.
And when you said I don’t matter and can’t be trusted,
I wish I had spoken up instead of being crushed.

No more hiding, no more concealing,
It’s time to be honest and start healing.
I’m taking a stand and speaking my mind,
Because it’s not all good, and it’s time to unwind.



Ahmad Ayyash

I'm Ayyash, a poet on a mission to heal souls with words. Through my verses, I embrace my scars and aim to inspire others to find pride in their own and heal.