My yesterdays are disappearing, and my tomorrows are uncertain, so what do I live for?

So I try to live for each day by being an active participant in this world. I listen to myself. I listen to the sigh of the grass and the trees and answered them with everything I have in my heart. I count the summers that lived better in my eyes. I wrap around my arms to things I love so much. I am helping others. I’m maintaining my balance. Repair the broken parts with new pieces I could get. I laughed at myself when I found me a makeshift flower vase to put in the three roses I have bought yesterday for myself. I shake hands with the leaves, water my plants, formed new habits and did what people told me not to do. I walk myself, bruise myself trying to risk it all. And then I’d step into the light too warm it melts the buttes. I have held my own. I learned how to compromise, learned how to flirt. I learned how to cut logs and make a stew. I learned how to ease these hurts when the doors closed behind me. I have painted the words, gave my wounds their muses and their balm, potted the plants, washed the plates and scrubbed the bathroom floors. I learned how to be happy. I learned how to love just as I learned how to live fully and so well. It’s the only thing I know without betraying my soul.


just a casual writer dreaming of closure in life

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