Of course you will find someone else

Ahmad Ayyash
2 min readMar 16, 2024

I can’t be surprised when you do, we were young after all.

Photo by Sean P on Unsplash

Of course you will find someone else, in fact, you will find more than one. But finding another doesn’t make your memory of me watered down now, does it?

Instead, you’re giving my memory some company in your mind’s dance hall. And one day, as you celebrate your marriage, you might hear our laughter in the background, and gently ask me to quiet down, though I cannot leave your memory, I will sit and marvel at the handsome groom and I won’t wish it was us anymore.

I will stay seated in the corners of your soul, aside for rare moments when you call me out consoling your future son about a heartbreak or when you will allow yourself to remember me for the sake of your crying daughter and explain that loss is good, loss is proof that there was love, and you will explain that we must learn at some point, loving someone is not enough that when a relationship ends it doesn’t have to be wasted time, it was just completed.

And as you stroll by our old hangout spot, you might wonder how I’m doing. I will be doing good seated beside the men who came after you in my thoughts. I will seldom let him out aside for the moments where I laugh to myself that I ever get angry you have found someone else, of course, you will find someone else and I hope that he will make you happier than I tried to make you and of course, we will find other people and of course, we are content with the loss of the other because that meant that there was real love, doesn’t it?

and that means that there must be so much more love I will find with someone who will be permanent.



Ahmad Ayyash

I'm Ayyash, a poet on a mission to heal souls with words. Through my verses, I embrace my scars and aim to inspire others to find pride in their own and heal.