Photo by Stéfano Girardelli on Unsplash

Time on my wrist,

And time in my pocket,

Operated by battery,

Or plugged into a socket.

Time on a clock, and time on a phone,

Time to go working, and time to go home.

Time to eat up,

And time to be sleeping,

Time to be happy,

And time to be weeping.

Time kept to love, and time left to hate,

Time to be early, and time to be late.

Time on a dial,

As told by the sun,

Time on a spring,

All set to be sprung.

Time on a church,

High up on a spire,

A time to be living,

And a time to expire.



Ahmad Ayyash

I'm Ayyash, a poet on a mission to heal souls with words. Through my verses, I embrace my scars and aim to inspire others to find pride in their own and heal.